these ghouls​.​.​.

by Braz_OS

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I felt like experimenting, so I did.

~~~~~~~~~~(❍__❍ )~~~~~~~~


Listen, the only advice I can give you is: don’t chase ghouls.

Take it from a pro with no dough
Catchin ghouls don’t make no money, that’s for sho
Don’t be a stupid fool like Luigi
Chasin ghosts when they rule the streets from here to Figi

Stoppin evil is fine, but don’t be wasting your time
Stoppin dumbos when you just gonna fumble
Don’t get yourself in trouble and make the evil double yo

(hey hey hey)

Don’t let these ghouls that get it on
Under the moon
Make you assume
They’ll learn at all
Feelings dissolve
When you’re a ghoul. Not worth the duel
Not worth the hunt,
Not to be blunt,
But don’t act like a fool
Don’t acknowledge a ghoul
On its pedestal
Don’t act like a fool
Don’t acknowledge a ghoul
Don’t act like a fool
Don’t act like a fool
Don’t act like a fool
Don’t act like a . . .

These ghouls whine a lot but forget the distraught
And so they persist loving havoc they brought
These ghouls will always exist, no matter how bad you’re pissed
Not going away, no matter how you insist
These ghouls are deep in the game, it’s how our culture’s ingrained
And yeah they look at us too, like we’re some sort of stain
These ghouls will never be new cuz they’re gross residue
Of the old way we thought when nothing was true.

These ghouls ain’t worth your time.


released October 9, 2016




Braz_OS Wethersfield, Connecticut

Co-director at:
-Fright House Records
-WFCS 107.7FM (electronic) at CCSU.

singer & song-producer (experimental synth-pop??)

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